Top Great Home Improvement Skills To Learn

DIY and home improvement are two of those skill sets that are very much worth putting in the time to learn. While it might feel like something of a hassle to try and learn these things yourself, once you’re competent you’ll find you get a great feeling of self-sufficiency every time you have one of those little ‘win’ moments (like fixing the sink) and that it saves you a lot of money too.

But what are the skills you need to learn in order to become proficient in DIY and home improvement? And of those skills, which should you prioritise and try to learn first?


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Plumbing is a very useful skill that you should at least have some basic knowledge of. You don’t need to be able to put in a new toilet yourself (that’s ambitious), but you should know some basic things such as where your stop cock is located, how to unblock the sink without smashing the pipe, how to fix your cistern and how to tighten your taps. You can learn most of these things through just a little reading around the web and perhaps some trial and error. You’ll often be surprised at just how straightforward things are to fix.

Electronic Engineering

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For most electrical jobs you will need an electrician (though you should be able to locate your fuse box when you blow a fuse). However electronic engineering is slightly different and more applies to soldering small circuits. Have some basic knowledge of how to build a circuit and what various components do will allow you to fix blown fuses in your lamp plugs, but it will also allow you to get creative and build some things of your own. Want to create a home-made alarm system? Or perhaps add in a motion sensor light? Then with electronic engineering you can do those things on your own and save yourself some cash in the process.


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Woodwork is also something that’s very much worth learning and can be useful for both repairing broken furniture and doors and creating entirely new things from scratch. This way you can save money, but you can also go one step further and even make cash by selling on your creations. Need a set of wooden gates for the drive? Make your own. And then sell the same set to your neighbour.


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At the very least it’s important that you be able to use basic tools which will come in handy in almost all physical work you do around your home. Whether you’re putting on a new doorknob, cutting down a tree or assembling flat-pack furniture, using tools will be necessary. These are all pretty simple to understand, so it’s really just a matter of practice to become proficient.


Finally, it’s critical that you have a good eye for interior design, for colours and for deciding where everything will go. Don’t be just a blunt instrument, become a precise chisel…

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The author of this article, Lance Abraham, is an interior designer at Baybrook Remodelers, a firm that specializes in metal roofing. Lance loves the New England Patriots and cannot imagine what life would be without football.