Prepare Your Lawn For Winter In Five Easy Steps

Many people neglect their lawns during the winter months. However, it is important to remember that caring for one’s lawn is a year-round job. If you care for your yard during the winter, then it will be healthy when spring arrives. Below are some tips for caring for your lawn during the winter months:


You will need to remove weeds in your lawn and check the PH of the soil. A PH test will help determine the acidity of your lawn. You will definitely want to know the PH of your lawn before you apply any special treatment. During the mid-fall or towards the end of the fall, you will need to apply some winter fertilizer to your lawn. No lawn will be able to survive without a good winter fertilizer. You should choose a winter fertilizer that has more phosphorous and potassium than nitrogen. These ingredients helps strengthen the roots during the winter months.

You should rake the leaves after the grass has stopped growing and most of the leaves have finished falling. Raking your leaves is a very important step. If leaves are left in your yard, then they can cause dry and dead spots to develop in the grass. Finally, you will need to cut your grass about one inch.


Your trees will not need to be watered during the late summer or fall months. You have to allow the tress to harden. During the mid-fall, you will need to water the trees by one inch of water at least once a week. The trees will need to be watered every week until the ground has frozen. The trees will need to be pruned during the mid-fall. Make sure that all branches and deadwood that can drag on the ground are removed. If you live in a cold climate and have young trees in your yard, then you should wrap them with tree wrap or burlap. A winter tree fertilizer will need to be applied towards the end of fall.


All flower and planter beds will need to be cleaned out during the mid-fall. Trim back bushes and hedge growth. Make sure that all dead branches are removed. Additionally, your flower beds should be covered. This will help protect the plants from the cold air.

Water System

All outdoor water systems will need to be shut off completely. You will also need to allow enough time for drainage. If the water inside of your pipes freeze, then the pipe could burst. Keep in mind that getting a broken pipe repaired can cost a fortune.

Small Plants

If you have small plants outside, then you will need to bring them inside of your home (visit this website to see some picture samples). Tender bulbs, garden herbs and other small plants will not be able to last during the winter months. You will be able to keep them alive and fresh by planting them in small pots inside of your home.

Preparing your yard for the winter months can be a time-consuming task. However, the time you invest in caring for yard will be well worth it. Your yard will look beautiful once the spring months arrive if you take the time to care for the lawn, trees and shrubs. You will also need to turn off your outdoor water system and bring your outdoor plants inside of the home.

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